Stan the man's tennis tee as worn at the Australian Open.Colour: Emerald GreenFeaturing the latest Yonex clothing technology, the 10166EX men's crew neck shirt is the perfect piece of apparel when playing in hot, humid conditions. Thanks to Yonex's UV reduction technology, this shirt offers you maximum protection when out in the sun, keeping you focused on your game and minimising the risk of sun-burn. Yonex's ANTI-static technology ensures that the shirt does not become distracting at any point in your game.UV Reduction - Outstanding Ultraviolet InterceptionYONEX clothing intercepts infrared radiation and approximately 92% of ultraviolet, minimizing heat build-up in clothing during play.Power Sleeve - Smoother arm movement when in actionAffording a 165-degree range of motion in the sleeve, YONEX shirts boast less restriction and free movement.Anti Static - Avoid the discomfort of static electricityCarbon impregnated, conductive fibers, woven into the stitching of the clothing remove the build-up of static electricity.100% PolyesterQuick Drying.