Outstanding Value, Design and Comfort with EnergyMax Shock Absorption.Colour: Blue / GreenVictor AS-31 Badminton Shoes are the perfect shoes for players looking for comfort and shock absorption. Thanks to VICTOR's fantastic EnergyMax technology, the EVA foam core in the heel provides shock absorption while you jump and lunge, ensuring your feet remain stable and comfortable at all times. The middle bridge of the sole is also protected against sudden torsion and together with the well-known RADIATION grip pattern, your feet stay secure during powerful and sudden vertical, horizontal and turning movements, minimising the risk of injury while playing. And thanks to the reinforced breathable mesh throughout the shoe, your feet stay cool and dry whilst playing, ensuring you can focus on your performance and not your footwear.Upper Material: PU Leather & Mesh.Midsole Material: EVA & Nylon.Outer: RubberWeight: 297g