For those seeking lightness and comfort without compromising on bounce, support and perfect cushioning.Colour: Green / YellowMichelin PerformanceDeveloped in collaboration with Michelin researchers, and directly inspired by road rally tyres, Babolat outsoles are designed to give players long-lasting, exceptional performance. The outsole’s shape and thickness, specific sculptures and rubber make-up are all important variables that make the outsoles of Babolat tennis shoes so outstanding.KOMPRESSOR SYSTEMHigh-performance shock absorption thanks to the TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) tube compressing system.OCS - TRACTION & DURABILITYDirectly inspired by rally tires, new tread pattern in badminton increasing by 20% stability and grip!HTS 360° - 360° SUPPORT & STABILITY- TPU frame -activated when lacing- for a perfect heel and ankle support - 2 lateral TPU straps for a perfect forefoot support - Ergonomic shank with added stiffness for optimized arch support and stabilitySpring VK - FOREFOOT DYNAMISM & CUSHIONINGRubber + EVA compound = the perfect combination between forefoot propulsion & cushioningSpring Flex System - VERTICAL REBOUND & FLEXIBILITYA spring effect on the outsole allows excellent rebound vertically.